Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange ★★½

Marvel Studios: Hey Feige, you seen Inception?

Feige: Yee

MS: Good, let's lazily steal the visual ideas from that and green screen the shit out of it for our new highly original movie!

Feige: Yeah, we still can't forgive Nolan after his "Batman" films made our Avengers extravaganzas look like child's play, so we should get him back!

Marvel Studios: Agreed! Let's get Cucumberbatch to sell this shit and use neAt visuals to cover up another generic origin story. Also, you ever seen Kagemusha?

Feige: Kage-what-uh?

Marvel Studios: Sold!

Lol, but damn did this movie underwhelm the fuck out of me.
Yes, the visuals were pretty trippy and contorting to look at.
It's honestly some of the coolest CGI I've seen in a long time, so props to that!
To be honest though, very little to no form of true character originality, stakes, sense, interest, or care was put into the plot an action, and the CGI is just used the shroud the lack of real action/events/drama.
It's so incoherently thrown together at times to.
It looks so fucking cool, but it feels so obvious that it's just being used as a cover.

Mads Mikkelsen and Tilda Swinton are completely wasted as pointless, undeveloped characters only to serve as antagonist/protagonist points.
Stephen Strange is a lifeless character in which the script fails to get much out of Benedict's performance for him.
It's one of the stupidest expositions I've ever seen, and the whole thing lacks a sense of feeling.
He gets trained perfectly in like 5 days, and then saves the world from an alternate dimension that has 0 effect on the real world.
The humor rarely worked, but I will admit that I laughed quite a few times, sometimes unintentionally as characters dressed like boardgame mages run down the streets of cities with the "reactions" of civilians.

I had high hopes of this film being something fresh and original for Marvel, but instead they repeat the same poorly written clichés again, and gives us useless characters, a pointless plot, and non-existent stakes and/or tension.
It's all on the nose, predictable, eventual bullshit.
Some of the action is really well done, and the CGI is amazingly trippy, but it's not an excuse to replace an actual plot.
There was this one cool philosophical line that I was going to quote, but I forgot it.

I enjoyed the visuals so much, but there's nothing else to it, and even the Stan Lee cameo and after credits scene were lame.

2016 superhero movie ranking:

BvS > Deadpool > Civil War > Doctor Strange > Apocalypse > Suicide Squad.

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