Lady Bird ★★★½

This isn't exactly my kind of movie, but at the same time, it kind of is.
I mean, just because Greta Gerwig went to a Catholic high school and is like so relatable doesn't mean it's automatically going to be an interesting movie, but luckily it is.
There really isn't anything special about the direction or the technical aspects. It's pretty cut and dry, but the way the scenes are structured and flow are really perfect.
It's like senior year summed up in the most defining moments, most of which give a strange feeling of uncomfortable nostalgia, while others are just hilarious.
The character dynamics in this movie really worked, which made it stand out from other coming of age movies, next to the interesting beats this film took.

This movie really shouldn't be as good as it is, but something about it just subtley screams (if those two words could ever go together) "DIFFERENT!".

And by the end, which I was actually a big fan of, finding it to be the best part of the entire film, it adds a whole other meaning to the film, and really makes it more poignant and powerful than the gap it leaves open.

Overall, I liked Saoirse Ronan, and the off-beat storytelling or what-not, but I didn't find anything absolutely amazing about it that makes it more than just a good film/character story for me.

For a debut, Gerwig did a decent job, but if she continues to direct films, I'd like to see more of her own style in it.

One last note, as someone who also went to an overly Catholic school around this same time period (although I was much younger), she really did nail the whole feeling of it, mixed with that early 2000s tone, very well.
The detail in this movie really is taken for granted until you pay attention to it.

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