The Disaster Artist

The Disaster Artist ★★★★

It's pretty hilarious.
I laughed harder during this than I have in most other comedies that I've seen, but the thing about this movie is that it's not just about making fun of Tommy Wiseau and showing how shitty of an artist he is (well, by standards).
It's really a subtle meta-commentary about cult filmmaking and where it's led us today, and I think it does a great job asserting itself into the story, because it really adds an extra layer to what would have been just a dumb comedy.
It reminded me of Ed Wood a bit, and that can only be a good thing.

Really though, seeing this shit was fucking amazing, and the credits showing how they paralleled the original scenes was the cherry on top.

It sounds weird to say, but I think this movie is actually kind of important.
It shows that even if you are an incompetent idiot at something you really love, you can still achieve something, even if it turns out to be different than what you expected.
And there was something oddly poignant about the way it handled its themes of friendship and dreams that really struck a few more chords than it could have.

While it does seem a bit too conventional at times, and ***although James Franco's avatar and performance of Tommy Wiseau was fucking great***, I think it was missing a little bit of pathos and soul at some times to really sell the whole deal... but honestly that fault is really hard to explain because Tommy Wiseau himself is just akrjwkw nrkafwral2eg qo

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