Nope ★★★★

Jordan Peele's Nope is yet again, an ambitious, deep and polarizing movie. I just stepped out of the theatre not ten minutes back, so- just how polarized am I?
Not that great?- Don't get me wrong. I had a good time with this movie. I just don't think that it delivered on the level I expected. The only 'main' issue I had with this movie is the pacing. The first act was very slow for me. Maybe not 'suppress a yawn' slow, but slow nevertheless. It also feels somewhat repetitive at times.
A treat- Now that I've summed up my flaws in the section above, let me just say- Nope looks and sounds amazing. Call this movie whatever you want, the fact that it delivers visually and audibly cannot be denied. The cinematography is great throughout. Literally every scene is brilliantly shot.
Horror- I wasn't terrified by this movie, but it's got some cool horror scenes to show. The chimpanzee scene, those bloodcurdling screams, the alien and even some of those intentional jumpscares really contributed to the horror.
Not horrifying, but scary in certain aspects.
I forgot to mention, the quick cuts did catch me off guard at first, but I got used to them pretty quickly.
I thought Nope was a great watch. It definitely didn't reach my expectations, but it did satisfy me. It's an ambitious science fiction horror flick with terrific performances and cinematography.

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