Mistaken for Strangers

Mistaken for Strangers ★★★★½


I was so excited to watch this documentary. Having been a fan of The National for a number of years now it promised to be an intriguing glimpse behind the scenes of the band.

Great premise too. The National has five members which include two sets of brothers. The brother-less bandmate is none other than lead singer Matt Berninger, although he does have a male sibling Tom... who just happens to want to film a documentary about his older brother. Voila - here we have Mistaken for Strangers.

It's a great insight into brotherly relations - and with the Berninger's its how Tom deals with being around Matt in relation to his fame, and just generally how siblings relate. I have two brothers both 9 years + older than me, so it was an aspect I could relate to.

People have questioned the authenticity of its 'fly on the wall' style and just how off the cuff it was. What (if anything) was scripted? TO be honest, I don't really care. It's a great documentary and gives fans of The National a great insight to one musics best kept secrets.