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  • Young Ahmed

    Young Ahmed


    Wow, a tough one! Certainly not bad. I don't usually voice my occasional hesitations regarding woke consensus this forcefully but the blowback is somewhat silly - not that the Dardennes are beyond criticism, not that this isn't a bit misguided or inappropriate, perhaps, but the directors are very aware of their inability to penetrate the psychology of Islam or radicalization - this film is pretty pointedly not about that. Maybe the argument is that they could have made a film…

  • Lorna's Silence

    Lorna's Silence


    Aw man I was with this until what is easily the weirdest and probably the worst ending in their oeuvre?? Despite my love for them I'm actually a little hot and cold on the Dardennes' endings but this may be the weirdest move I've seen them make, the film just enters a totally different world, not just from the rest of this movie but from the rest of Dardenne-world. It doesn't really feel like a logical progression for the character…

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  • My Happy Family

    My Happy Family


    I can't believe how lucky I am to live in a world where this movie exists. One of the most astounding films about introversion I've ever seen, and about independence, communication, social convention, being loved for the role you fill rather than who you are. At times it felt like an introvert horror movie, at times like introvert pornography, and for much of the film I wondered if it was stacking the deck too much in favor of our protagonist.…

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    There are no Marvel movies. There is only the Marvel franchise. And the Marvel franchise is a boring, average-looking person, desperate to please, who puts on an entirely new outfit every day hoping to convince you that it has some personality or substance, but beneath whatever it's wearing this time around, underneath its fantasy/political thriller/sci-fi clothing, it's just the same dull person with nothing to say. And with Guardians, Marvel is peacocking. It's put on a zany, colorful outfit with…