King Kong

King Kong ★★★★

No, it was sexism and racism that lowered my score.

King Kong is a true classic in every sense of the word. The historical impact this film had was immense, the cultural ripples still felt almost 90 years later. Special effects and set pieces in this film are stunning. Stop motion is a personal favorite and I was surprised that was how Kong is brought to life. Not sure what I was expecting, honestly, certainly not a man in an ape suit...

A slow start but interesting nonetheless. Meta commentary on the irrational lengths some artists would go to create entertainment was refeshingly unexpected. Cooper and Schoedsack had to have self awareness since the lengths they took for this film were astounding. Rear projections, matte paintings, and life-sized ape props - you have to be irrational to spend that type of money in the height of the Great Depression.

How everyone talked in the 30s was wild and I pine for a resurgence. Except the racism and horrible sexism.

"But, Jack, you hate women." Yikes, but the way she delivers the line is just hilarious. I am not even going to talk about the islanders...

I think this is a a must show to all audiences, especially if you wanted to introduce kids to Black and White cinema. Explain the social issues beforehand and you should be good. Appreciate the beauty and the beast reimagining plus the cathartic release of watching New York get demolished. Down with the concrete jungle! Alright, a subway train gets derailed and some walls smashed - not as impressive as one might have expected, still effective. Kong is a trooper, he must lay the smackdown on dinosaurs all day long. Truly the first king of the monsters.

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