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  • Freaks Out

    Freaks Out


    -Here's an amazing concept for you: "A nazi soldier who can see the future"
    -Wow, so he will try to change the course of the war?
    -No, not really.
    -But won't he use his powers to reach Hitler and warn him of the upcoming demise of the nazis?
    -So how do you even use this amazing concept for the movie?
    -With bunch of mindless action and fight scenes of course!


    This is a very sad film to watch.
    Because you'll see how an incredibly amazing concept is thrown in trash over the duration of 2,5 hours.
    I feel sad.

  • Underground



    Palme d'Or Viewings Continued.

    A little bit overblown, gigantic achievement of a movie.
    It is hard to fully appreciate this movie without being well versed in WWII or Balkan History.

    It is even harder once you are familiar with Kusturica's politics.

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  • Affairs of the Art

    Affairs of the Art


    Found it on Youtube. For some reason it was dubbed in French. Didn't even know the original was in English until I saw the trailer.

    But I absolutely loved it.

    Laughed out loud from beginning to end. Amazing, unapologetic, brutally honest, messy little animation.

    Loved every second of it.

    As for the reviews here, I'm guessing the Letterboxd audience hasn't seen an animation past Bambi?

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  • Top Gun: Maverick

    Top Gun: Maverick


    The original Top Gun... reinvented, reimagined and better shot.