Run ★★★★

79 // B+

Full Review + Interview with Lucy, Kristen Lopez, Lawrence Carter Long, Kevin, and Director and Producers Aneesh Chaganty & Natalie Qasabian on The Global Film Podcast

The Disability In Film Roundtable features discussions on Run & Sound of Metal from authentic perspectives, and appearances from the makers of Run. 

It’s gotten a huge reception with 18k+ hits in less than 24 hours, so I really hope you all like it and please do let me know what you think!!

As a member of the disabled community, I am so happy to see a film like this done right! Run is meticulously built thrill-ride that keeps one on the edge of their seat from start to finish. Additionally, on a more personal note, the films’ compelling portrayal of a disabled heroine left me extremely excited to see us getting this  type of representation (especially considering recent events that have been transpiring today) 

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