Tenet ★★★★★

A+ (?)

This is going to get my film twitter card revoked but.... WOW. Just wow. This is easily the best theatrical experience I've ever had (which is partly due to the fact that it was my first ever 70MM IMAX showing). The film itself did suffer from horrid sound mixing, a muted color palate, and the exposition scenes were a bit too long and jumbled for my liking, but the central set pieces were truly something else in scale. I would've liked a little more inventiveness from Nolan's script, but overall, I'd go as far as to say that the climax reminded me of what Star Wars would have been like in the theater many decades ago. 

To be honest, this is hovering around 10-9 territory for now, so an IMAX rewatch this weekend should hopefully sort that out... although I'm guessing that, similar to Gravity, once it reaches its home release, it'll probably settle at an 8 for me

Also, as the first 70MM Imax showing the projector cut out towards the end and they had to reboot it... not the best circumstances but made the communal experience of the night even more memorable in my book!

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