Tenet ★★★★★


First time watching it at home (thanks to WB for sending an early copy!), and loved it just as much. With every viewing, the experience is heightened even further. The fact that I was able to glean more new information due to the subtitles and new sound mix made up for the absence of the magnificent IMAX canvas and incredible theatrical surround sound. 

The making-of documentary is brilliant as well, and even if you didn’t like the film, it’s well worth a watch and will bring a newfound respect to Nolan’s ambitions as well as his directorial mindset and his teams use of practical effects.

Anyways, I’ll be covering this in depth in an upcoming holiday gift guide, but be sure to snag this one when it comes out on the 15th!

I’ll also be doing a giveaway of a brand new TENET 4K+ Blu Ray + Digital set tomorrow  (which you can recieve ahead of time), so be sure to follow me on Twitter HERE as I’ll be posting the information later today (I always try and follow back too!)

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