Sorcerer ★★★★½

"We're carrying three cases each. One is enough to blow out your fire, six cases will blow out the whole field. That means you don't think all the trucks will make it, one of us is a backup."

Sweating mud, clammy oil, perspirating dynamite. Fire and death on the winding, jungle dirt roads of South-America. And Tangerine Dream, of course!

It takes a little time for William Friedkin's 1977 brilliant, nitro adventure to get going, but god damn when it shifts into gear ,and has all its main players behind the wheel of a truck, then there is no taming this juggernaut of a picture!!

Version: 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition blu-ray

Fave IMDB trivia:
"Besides internal on-set conflicts, William Friedkin said that approximately fifty people "had to leave the film for either injury or gangrene," as well as food poisoning and malaria. In The Friedkin Connection he added that "almost half the crew went into the hospital or had to be sent home." Friedkin himself lost fifty pounds (23 kg) and was stricken with malaria, which was diagnosed after the film's premiere."

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