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This review may contain spoilers.

I loved it.
Right from the opening blast of The Star Wars theme and the text crawl right to the last credit and the tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.
This movie gave you everything you could want to have in a Star Wars movie. Epic space battles. Rebel banter. Lots of Rebel banter. A frightening villian with an ego complex. Amazing fight sequences. A Hero training montage. A rich alien casino version of a Space Cantena scene. Pougs are totally this films Ewoks. Much more better looking those pougs are to replace. But just as useles though they are amusing. Carrie Fisher being totally bad as with a gun. A forced romantic subplot. Some pathos of answers posed from the Force Awakens. Mark Hamill is given lines. Wait did C3PO get sassy? Also like as A Star Wars fan, I think the most important question got answered. Did we just see where the blue milk comes from? If so ew.
There's a lot of things that are good with this film. And a few things that are a wee bit bad but has a fan I tend to over look those things especially on the first viewing. I just want to be swept up in the continuing story and emotional rollercoaster that is always given in A Star Wars film. I think this movie tries very much to focus on the emotional arcs of the main characters in the film. Especially with Kylo and Rey and their force connection battle between them and how it effects other people around them. I love that scene with Luke and Leia. I did want more of Snoke. To be written off like that is a bit of a let down of what was built up in the Force Awakens. Some of the 2nd act was a bit long and unnecessary and it did feel a little long for A Star Wars movie but overall for me it was a massive nostalgic trip for me and I couldn't tell you how many times I cried.
Oh and Laura Dern. We must protect her at all costs. And Frank Oz. And John Williams. And Mark Hamill.
The main thing to take away from this movie is, never tell me the odds. Fight for the people you love, not the enemy you hate. Even if it seems like the spark is gone and all hope is lost never give in without a last stand because you will never know who'll hear your story or who you'll inspire. Given the recent political situation at the moment that is something that we can all learn.

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