Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★

Was anyone really asking for a Spider-Man movie that not only has no New York, not only has gobs and gobs of CGI nonsense and world-ending stakes, but is yet more Tony Stark wankery?

I enjoy all the teen comedy parts. I hate all the superhero parts. Everyone in this movie is incompetent morons and the plot is stitched together by a series of coincidences and characters suddenly losing all deductive reasoning... but the teen parts are nice.

It's just sad that about halfway through the teen parts become next to nonexistent and it's just this terrible convoluted mess that makes Captain Marvel look coherent at some points. This film could have been made for half the budget if they just made the setpieces a little less of nutso CGI effects extravaganzas (they're not even good, for that matter).

Honestly, there's not much to say about the film because it's so weightless. Villain's bad, action's bad, it's too long, Nick Fury's irrelevant... that's it.

Post-credits scene is good at least.

Continuity Weirdness:

-I know Nick Fury's big team technically isn't SHIELD anymore, I guess, but, really? This worked?

-Tony Stark's arc is STILL getting dumber. I can't believe how confusing a character he is, even now.

...And that's it. I watched the entire theatrical MCU, minus that Inhumans pilot which I honestly forgot existed until about fifteen minutes ago. Why did I spend two weeks watching all of these? I don't know; I just felt like taking a trip through memory lane, reevaluating a bunch of movies I hadn't seen in ages, and seeing how this blockbuster franchise ticks. I ended up liking almost all of them less, so it was sad for that reason, but I do feel like I've gained something here, from a pop culture/storytelling perspective.

I'll check in with one final update after Wandavision's final episode (since it, basically, is just a 4 hour movie itself), and then that's about it. No more Marvel movies until May (unless Black Widow is delayed yet again), so my curse is finally lifted. Hurrah!

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