Midsommar ★★★★½

After the highly successful display of true horror with "Hereditary", far away from the mainstream jumpscare snorefests, I was pretty hyped for Ari Asters follow up movie "Midsommar". For reasons unknown I didn't make it into the theater. But, lucky me, when the bluray came out, I got my hands on the mediabook which contains the 171 min director's cut which is about 30 minutes longer as the theatrical cut.

So I watched the DC and while this movie was slowpaced like its predecessor I never felt bored in this 171 minutes. The characters were interesting enough to keep me invested in the story, especially Florence Pough delivers a brilliant performance. Unlike Hereditary, Midsommar was very colorful and bright and often looked more like an Ikea Advertisement. Honestly, I think it is the most colorful horrormovie I've ever seen.

Talking about that .. I don't know if it really counts as horror. Yes, it got horror elements, but I'm not sure if it should be called a horrormovie.
In my opinion, it is perfect to introduce people to horrormovies, who are too scared for watching a movie containing the "generic" horrormovie formula. So, im giving this a 9/10

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