BlacKkKlansman ★★★★½

The tension, the push and pull between what this movie could have been (a story of hero cops taking down the bad guys) and what the reality is (messy), exemplified in the multiple and contradictory endings. It’s easy to see how another version of this story ends with the bad cop getting arrested and everyone sharing a celebratory drink, but that’s undermined in the next scene, where institutional forces shut down the investigation. Or it could have ended with Ron’s triumphant fuck you to David Duke, a moment of cathartic and joyous release, but that’s followed by the horror of a knock at the door in the night and the magnetic pull (thanks to Lee’s signature shot) of the burning cross. Instead it ends with images of the present, the jokiness of the  film’s earlier allusions to Trump made horrifyingly real by the footage of Charlottesville. There is no ending, there’s only the struggle.

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