Hamilton ★★★½

Captures the show well. I liked it a lot more seeing it than hearing it. Miranda isn’t great, but most of the rest of the cast is.

It’s definitely not a hagiography, I can’t imagine anyone watching all of this and thinking it paints a portrait of the founding fathers as anything other than childish, greedy, venal and self-aggrandizing. It could have shown them to be a lot worse, that’s for sure, as Miranda emphasizes the founder’s personal flaws over their political and moral failings, but that’s one of the ways the show is so typical of its time. 

I don’t know that it’s particularly coherent, it resists the kind of singular point of view one would need for that in favor of a kaleidoscopic view of a single eventful and (for good and ill) consequential life. 

This is why the casting is a bit more than mere representation: the idea that our stories can be told in multiple often contradictory ways is the whole point, and really that’s the ideal of democracy anyway. 

My daughter loved it. She’s been listening to the soundtrack for months, so this was a big deal for her. She’s two months shy of turning nine. This might say something about the nature of the show and its politics, or it might just say something about its music.

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