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Kelsi and Trey are teachers searching for meaning in movies and shows! Listen on Apple and Spotify. The Extra Credits covers new releases with movie drafts, ranking games, and interviews.


David Fincher’s Movies Ranked

Kelsi and Trey examine the 30-year proiect of David Fincher's movies and how his most recent film 'The Killer' (no spoilers) adds to the mind games of his filmography. Check out our Letterboxd list of Fincher movies ranked and then listen to our episode about his depraved filmography!

Martin Scorsese Ranked!

When the measured genocide of the Osage Nation is seen through Mollie’s (Lily Gladstone) eyes, the movie triumphs. However, when the film turns into a misplaced internal battle of white guilt in courtrooms and jail cells with mostly no Osage people in sight, the movie suffers. Read our review here.

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May December

May December


So, this is an interesting film that we really didn’t like. I don’t totally know if May December is an ambitious exploration of tone and tabloid sensationalism that doesn’t completely work, or if it’s a prestige Lifetime camp-melodrama with some pulpy, meta pop-psychology on abuse—currently feeling like it’s the latter. This is ultimately a disappointing movie given the overwhelmingly positive critic reactions; it lacks a punchy, subversive nuance it clearly believes it has. All that to say, the use of piano in this is intentionally and unintentionally laugh-out-loud funny.

May December Pod - Spotify




Challenging Critics on Emerald Fennell and the Ideas of Saltburn - Spotify




There are hundreds of things to love about this film, but something subtle is that the man-made android is possibly the most power hungry and terrorizing creature on board the Nostromo.

Also, Kelsi—who has seen this film more than 10 times—let out a wild scream at Dallas being taken in the vents. This movie is perfect.

Ridley Scott Ranked




It’s dramatic but I’m genuinely offended when people compare this to Alien. Bill Paxton is a consistent laugh and Sigourney Weaver is always badass, but god James Cameron is anything but subtle.

Also, like Fincher, I too want Newt gone.

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could not be me (or could it?)

🎶I’m a creeep, I’m a weirdooo 🎶 what the hell am I doing hereee? 🕺

"Sometimes Gentlemen Are The Worst"

Written, co-produced, and directed by Emerald Fennell and released during the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, "Promising Young Woman" was the young director's first full length feature film. The film follows Cassie Thomas who plays Carey Mulligan, a troubled young woman haunted by a traumatic past as she navigates balancing forgiveness and vengeance. Everyone loves a good revenge tale, but Promising Young Woman does it with a level of tact that isn't often seen, with…

So, the battles scenes were done well. They were exciting, even if made up. Phoenix and Kirby are good. Their relationship is ok. It seems to miss a lot of elements.

Everything in between though... Not so much.

The movie is tonally awkward. Comedy? Epic gladiator style action movie? Romantic intrigue and weird relationship exploration? I would say all of these yet none successful.

But my biggest flaw with the movie is that it's boring.

Maybe there is a 4…