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  • La La Land

    La La Land

    I’ll never get over this movie...

  • Glass


    as amazing and spectacular unbreakable was, split was just the opposite of that, and as opposite of good, this movie was as disappointing as split. but hey, what wasn’t disappointing was james mcavoy climbing up those walls in those tight prisoner pants. what an ass he has.

  • The Shape of Things

    The Shape of Things

    you know what? my life is already in ruins so ruin it some more, rachel!

  • Denial


    rachel is giving me some strong queenie goodstein vibes.....

  • My Cousin Rachel

    My Cousin Rachel

    rachel weisz is fantastic but otherwise, it’s good movie to take a nap while playing 😴

  • The Brothers Bloom

    The Brothers Bloom

    this is a hidden treasure, guys

  • About a Boy

    About a Boy

    I liked this, it was very cute and lil nicolas hoult is so adorable I wanna squeeze his cheeks!

  • The Light Between Oceans

    The Light Between Oceans

    when everyone started crying damn I thought I was gonna cry for a minute.....

  • Youth


    paloma faith?!?!?!?!

  • Oz the Great and Powerful

    Oz the Great and Powerful

    I had questions but after watching zach braff from scrubs, answers were answered.

  • Burning


    steven yeun is so beautiful but he a bad boy tho.

  • Suspiria


    brb my soul just left my body