The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

Antonio Campos' adaptation of Donald Ray Pollock's novel is a dreary, depressing, violent and realistic portrayal of life in West Virginia and Ohio in the mid 50's, and in most, if not all of these people's lives they heavily believe in the Lord and praying and going to Church. Big religious folks. Characters are related to each other as their stories intertwine (I love when movies do this ala Pulp Fiction). It includes a superbly great cast with actors like Tom Holland, Sebastian Stan, Robert Pattinson and Bill Skarsgard but the film was stolen by Robert Pattinson who plays a sleazy, whiney voiced Reverend. We gotta stop mentioning Twilight every time we talk about Robert Pattinson because he's a very good actor who's been in countless other better movies than that franchise like Good Time, High Life and The Lighthouse to name a few. Yes Twilight thrusted him into the spotlight and help jump start his career, but he's going to be our new Batman for God sakes, let those vampires go. It's good to see these English actors and Bill from Sweden talk in these country accents, they pull it off well.

Director Antonio Campos chose the wise idea of shooting the movie on film and not digital because I noticed very heavy grain throughout the movie, even in day light scenes. But this is good because it gives the film a dirty and grimey quality that further elevates the world that characters live in. I had mention the main cast but even the supporting cast is really good in this film and have a moment to shine. Even a Harry Potter actor who I had never seen in another film before was really good, he's Harry Melling. I know we're not supposed to talk about religion or politics but why is that religious folks or reverends or preachers are the ones who are evil at times? Obviously, it's not all of them but there are a few bad apples out there who are supposed to be following in the name of God and the Lord, but in reality do the devil's work. The title of the movie fits this movie perfectly because I can just picture the criminal sitting at the police station and the cop asks him "So what's your reasoning behind this, why did you do it?" and he's going to say "The Devil All the Time". This movie made me think about Marilyn Manson's song 'You and Me and the Devil Makes 3'. The Devil is in the details and if you allow him to get into people's minds ESPECIALLY if you're religious or a Priest, then they can do heinous acts. Good film.

Sheriff Bodecker: Some people were born just so they can be buried.

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