Enola Holmes ★★★

Autumn is emerging as increasingly interesting in terms of the premiere of new films, although many have decided to switch entirely to online services. “Enola Holmes” has already intrigued audiences as a fun action with a dose of the enigmatic, starring Millie Bobby Brown who gained fame for her role as Eleven in the “Stranger Things” series. This time, she plays Enola Holmes in the film of the same name based on the Nancy Springer book series, which focused on Sherlock Holmes' younger (and rebellious) sister.

The shop is set in 1884 and follows Enola, who woke up on her 16th birthday realizing that her mother (Helena Bonham Carter) had disappeared. Despite the wishes of older brothers Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), Enola embarks on an adventure of finding her mother, but will fall into another conundrum that she must solve.

Enola is the youngest child of the Holmes family, and after her father dies, and the famous brothers Sherlock and Mycroft (solid Henry Cavill and the great Sam Claflin) move out, she is left alone to live with her mother (completely freaked out Helena Bonham Carter). When left alone, the two Holmes enjoy their spacious country villa doing whatever they want: painting, reading, even playing tennis and indoor shooting. The mother does not send her daughter to school, but raises her to be emancipated, brave and stubborn, completely contrary to the demands of the environment and social norms, and when she disappears one morning, Enola calls her brothers for help to find her. Cavill, best known as "Superman," as one of Sherlock's most human incarnations to date, is weak on her and protects her from the shadows, and the cynical Mycroft as her official guardian forces her to learn what it means to be a lady, marry and have children to finally. " fulfilled the purpose ". Everyone is charming in a very British way, except Microft Holmes, because someone in the story has to be a little misogynistic. This event started Enola's journey of freedom, as well as her detective career, proving that she can be on the level of her famous brother. Enola has now jumped into a movie in a movie simply called "Enola Holmes".

As an adaptation of the IA series of books, Enola Holmes must not be a clever reinvention, just a pleasant and progressive one, imagining a world in which a young woman can prove equally capable, if not more so than adult men who are given space to be brilliant and whatever they want. He tells you that with his external voice, both in Enola's narration and through the mutual conversations of the characters, not wanting to break away from the IA's fantastic tradition of declaring its themes aloud.

Millie Bobby Brown simply shines in "Enoli Holmes", a rather distracted detective adventure that is shown on Netflix instead of in cinemas due to the coronary virus pandemic. The film, however, is a bit weaker than its main actress, at times the plot is just dragging, and at times it is chattering, with too little mystery at its center to anchor and direct it. Director Harry Bradbeer, known for "Fleabag" and "Killing Eve", despite all the tricks and energy he brings, fails to keep it interesting all the time. While it’s not about some movie perfection, the fun dialogues and quick action will surely place this movie on the list of most watched Netflix movies.

Enola is conceived as a girlpower saga, something like Sherlock for the new #MeToo generation of girls, but the film seems unable to decide whether it wants to be an emancipated story of women’s rights, a detective adventure, an action film or a Victorian romantic comedy. After more than two hours, "Enola Holmes" still lasts too long. However, if the way Enola Holmes ends is any indication, this is perhaps the beginning of the most precious franchise run by girls.

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most popular characters in literature and has been adapted to all types of media for more than 100 years, and recent TV and film versions are again interested in his cases. Over the years, various artists have borrowed The Great Detective and other characters from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories to make their own, and some have even expanded the Holmes family. No one will forget Sherlock Holmes. It was forever and will continue to reappear and will be reinvented. Hanging out with Enola doesn’t look so bad; if nothing else, it's a nice change.

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