Matthias & Maxime

Matthias & Maxime ★★

Typically irritating Dolan nonsense involves two straight friends who have to make out for a student film. This apparently creates issues—apparently, because they spend most of the rest of the film each involved in their own disconnected subplots.  When they reunite again, the results are supposed to be poignant in some way, but succeed only in being comically dreary.

It’s grating and amateurish when it isn’t borderline unwatchable: Dolan handles party scenes like a spastic TikTok-er, shaking his camera, zooming in and out erratically, cutting so quickly between shots one calls into question the very concept of montage.   Shifting aspect ratios are better left undiscussed, as is the cringe-inducing ending.

Dolan is a better actor than director—it would be better for him to ditch the latter and stick to the former.

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