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This review may contain spoilers.

1. I’d like to apologize to my followers for my *wrong* initial reaction to Midsommar. You deserve me at my best and I failed all of you!
2. I’d like to apologize to Ari Aster for failing to understand this movie the first time around and critiquing it for not being something it wasn’t even trying to be.
3. i’m baby

Don’t think I’ve ever come around quite so much on a movie before. Honestly where did I go wrong? The cinematography is so polished and perfect, the ending is so goddamn perfect, Florence Pugh could burn me alive in a bear suit and I’d probably thank her. The may queen we deserve! 

I have turned over a new leaf. Crown me as may queen! Feed me the salt herring whole! Let me decide the fate of my shitty exes! I will bless the crops and livestock!! 

Also, when Christian said “Oh fuck it’s a new person” I felt that to my very core.

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