Buffalo '66

Buffalo '66 ★★★★½

I’ve never seen editing like this, and it really added to the experience. It feels unnatural, tense, feels like a law or two is being broken by the way the film progresses, and again: it all adds to the experience.
I’m glad I watched this alone, because I can already tell how others would’ve reacted and go full psychologist mode, diagnosing the characters throughout every action. While I do admit I have trouble identifying others characteristics in terms of mental perspectives and/or illnesses, I feel like if there’s no official confirmation for what this character has then it should only be left up to assumption. There’s just something about those psychology majors trying to study me so bad... 😏 jk.
Buffalo ‘66 was a unique and interesting film, I think I’ll revisit it at some point. I’d recommend it!

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