Parasite ★★★★★

Upon a THIRD viewing, I’m truly astonished as to how I have loved it even more and more upon each watch.
I can keep this one simple, everyone’s seen it, almost everyone shares the same thoughts, it’s beautiful and every aspect is admirable in the most respectable way.

Short story time:
Last Sunday I went to Best Buy with my father, after browsing for about 15 minutes, I saw a 4K copy of Parasite. Now, I already own the Blu-Ray copy, but I wanted to check if the 4K copy was any different in regards to subtitle options. While the Blu-Ray only has English subtitles available, I crossed my fingers hoping the 4K copy would bring SPANISH subtitles— so that my parents can watch.

The copy has a beautiful slipcover, I turned it around, the slip didn’t reveal the language options. But in this moment, I felt so rushed, so full of adrenaline in hopes it would come in Spanish, I lifted the slip to reveal the bottom of the back of the actual Blu-Ray copy, and I say “Spanish Audio 2.0” and I freaked out. My mind was racing, thoughts of “not just subtitles? they dubbed it in Spanish??? huh?” and even though I didn’t fully acknowledge it at the time, I don’t remember seeing that there was even a Korean audio setting. I was moving too fast.
I jumped in excitement as I rushed back to my father, I told him he was in for a TREAT and he told me $20 for a 4K copy of a movie I already own wasn’t worth it, but I insisted. It has Spanish Audio!

I made this story much longer than it should’ve been but at the end I get to checkout and they charge me for a copy of John Wick and I say “John Wick? I’m not buying John Wick” and then the guy at checkout was as confused as I was, he took off the beautiful 4K PARASITE slip to reveal that some fool had placed a copy of John Wick instead of— what I assumed to be— the actual 4K Parasite.
The dots connected in my head.
How the frick would Parasite be dubbed in Spanish.

I went home feeling defeated that day, but then I told the gc about and Sir Alex Gonzalez told me to check Hulu. And it’s available with Spanish subtitles on Hulu, thats where I watched it with them. The end. 😀

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