Tenet ★★★★★

My greatest sin was to bring a son into a world I knew was ending.

Absolutely in love with this film. So entertaining, I’m glad I got my father to watch it with me, I’ll remember this experience as he now recognizes Nolan’s work after seeing the similarities in this and Interstellar (2014).
There’s an aspect to this film I’m weirdly obsessed about, and it’s the fact that it’s made to be rewatched. Normally, I think I’d say anything like “wow. Dumb cash grab.” but this isn’t like that (or maybe it is, but it’s more!). Nolan’s work on this film with how everything plays out (in several ways) just blew me away. I don’t consider myself a Nolan fanboy, this might be the closest I’ll get? I don’t know, it’s a hard pitch to tell people “watch Tenet, it’s an even funnier experience on the second watch!!!”.

It was also funny to have my dad be a little annoyed at the fact that it was all “fictional nonsense”, and how he chose not to believe in these things, but I tried assuring him that these things (including Interstellar) are made for our entertainment while putting well-thought and well-put answers to the table. It’s like presenting a conversation with no definitive answer, but Nolan’s work on time and space has been pretty outstanding, the “fictional” aspect of it isn’t something to bother. He felt a little convinced by my explanation but he was still very rude about the existence of people who probably believe Tenet is a real-life story.
It’s Hollywood, pops, get over it 🥱

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