Paranoia ★★★

Widower of multi millionaire Robert West, Kathryn decides to escape press attention and summer in Italy. Missing physical companionship she starts a relationship with an odd looking bloke whilst her legal representative Sanders shuttles back and forth between Rome and the UK sorting inheritance documentation out. One day the funny fella's sister turns up and when we find out she's not his blood relative a threesome clicks into gear. Whilst Kathryn thinks its a Summer of love the two guests start drugging her and plying her with enough whisky to sink a ship and then blackmail her with naughty photos not for money but lodging. Once dependent upon them they get rid of the help and effectively keep her prisoner using physical violence, incessant loud music and more whisky to discombobulate her. Surely the endgame of the woodpecker hippies is to steal the fortune she's about to inherit.
There's a lot that grates in this, Carroll Baker's voice, that godawful pop tune that plays over and over again and the weird look of Lou Castel but on the upside there's some great direction from Lenzi and the most J&B in any film I've ever seen.