The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★½

If I were to rank the films I've seen solely by how much fun I had watching them, this would be in the top 10. Such a great ride, and I can't even express how beautiful the cinematography was. From the vibrant, effervescent pink of the hotel to the blues and greys of the prison uniform, Anderson knows exactly how to convey emotion using color, which he does masterfully here.

I feel like Ralph Fiennes deserves all the awards for his work here. And he didn't didn't even get nominated? Gustave is the backbone of the film; with his impeccable English and his witty dialogue, he could very well be one of my favourite characters in all of fiction. Wes Anderson should be proud, because The Grand Budapest Hotel really is something special.

P.S. I noticed some parallels between this and Paddington 2, especially in those prison scenes. Am I the only one?

P.P.S. WTF Wes Anderson? You had Harvey Keitel in your movie but you called the most minor character in the film "Wolf" instead of Keitel? Not cool.

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