Enola Holmes ★★½

I cant believe this is the Netflix original I watch before Devil All the Time and I'm Thinking of Ending Things, but it was pretty decent anyways. Watched this over a Netflix party so it made it more enjoyable.

The first hour was pretty neat, but it drifted off in the wrong direction and I got lost in the plot. And when it's a mystery, that part is super important since by the end, I couldn't feel satisfied because I didn't even understand what was being solved. So that was kinda lame, especially with how much promise the first half had. 

I like the little visual graphics used throughout; it made it feel more exciting and special. Millie Bobby Brown was great too at making the movie a fun adventure, and her portrayal of Enola Holmes was pretty cool. She's an interesting character, and I wouldn't complain if they made a sequel where I can see her further develop.

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