Captain Marvel ★★½

People on social media can be so annoying sometimes, on one hand you have all these people saying this film is SJW propaganda and they got mad because of something Brie Larson said (even if what she said wasn't that bad and she's right that we need more diversity in movie reviewers) and claim it will ruin marvel because of it (which obviously that's not going to happen). And on the other hand you have these other people who generalise everyone and say if you didn't like the movie, it's because you're a misogynistic male who can't accept a female super hero. Tbf I'm talking about two extremes and obviously some people acted with maturity and had some reasonable discussions but a lot of these childish people are very vocal and present on social media. All this controversy just for another marvel movie.

Let's start with what I liked, I actually enjoyed Nick Fury which was surprising because I never gave a crap about him in the previous movies but I did found him likeable in this, whenever he and Carol interacted with one another the film becomes much more enjoyable in my opinion. I liked Carol's friend, she's also pretty likeable and I thought her monolog was sweet. I also liked the cat but I'm a dog and cat person so that's not really surprising. And the last thing I liked about the film was the soundtrack, I thought the pop/rock songs were fun and the score while not really memorable fit the film very well.

Unfortunately that's where the good things end for me, my problems with the film were I thought that the villain was pretty one dimensional which that's too bad because I did see a lot of potential, the movie could have made him more sympathetic or at the very least make him care for the main character to make the conflict more interesting because he just feels wasted here. Another problem I have are the fight scenes, it's either CGI heavy (which I didn't find impressive) or a very badly edited choegraphy fight scene, that train scene could of been a lot of fun but the editing ruined it for me, sometimes I had a hard time telling what was going on because of all these quick cuts, it was pretty annoying .

But my biggest problem with the film is the main character, tbf when she interracts with other characters she's alright but on her own I just didn't really like her, I didn't feel invested in what was going to happen to her or what her backstory is. She also never takes the threat seriously which makes it really hard to feel invested in what is going on.

It has a lot of the same elements that the guardians of the galaxy has, it's trying to be funny and emotional at the same time. But the difference is that what makes the guardians of the Galaxy work for me is that the characters are very flawed and while they do joke around and sometimes make fun of the villain, they do still end up taking the threat seriously because they're not the strongest mcu characters and are aware that if they don't take things seriously they will die which does give a sense of threat. Captain marvel has none of that, she's way too strong so I'm fully aware that nothing with real consequence will happen and she doesn't take the threat seriously which makes me really uninvested and makes the whole third act underwhelming. I'm not blaming Brie Larson for this, I heard she was really dedicated to the role and I'm sure she tried her best, I blame more the writer than her, she did a fine job.

If you felt empowered by this movie or you just thought it was a lot of fun then that's awesome man, I'm glad when people find something that makes them happy, it's just not for me but if you love the other marvel movies I can't see how you could dislike this one. Just remember to be civil when you're having a discussion with someone on the internet, don't insult him or make fun of him because he has a different opinion than you on a bloody film.

I hope my english wasn't too bad and it was easy enough to understand.

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