Hereditary ★★★★★

Third of today’s treble bill. Saved the best best for last as well.

When I first saw the trailer for this I thought it looked like another one of those cheap jump scare films which are lazy but can be fun sometimes. 

This was certainly not one of those films. It’s a really well made, well written horror that does that thing that not many horrors do these days and gets under your skin in a very creepy way. Think it’s down to the idea behind it and the brilliant execution of that idea. It doesn’t use many jump scares at all and relies on tension and mystery with some grgeat reveals as it goes along with some genuinely scary horror moments. 

For years I’ve wanted a horror to do that thing the original wicker man film did. That film left me quite disturbed and shaken and thinking I had seen something clever and special. A few films have had similar effects such as the shining, the exorcist, kill list and martyrs off the top of my head. I reckon this hereditary film might have come closest to that genuine shivers up the spine feeling I got when I realised what was happening as the wicker man reached its conclusion. 

It’s a real great horror on the first watch and I hope it stands the test of time like those other films I mentioned. I really think that it will. Superb stuff.

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