Eternals ★★★★

The movie is long and sometimes it’s noticeable and sometimes it’s not because you’re very involved.

There are 10 characters that are introduced so the movie tries to provide you details and motivations for them all, but I don’t think it repeats itself much where you’re like “Ok, I get it, let’s go.” There’s exposition only a couple times throughout to explain what’s going on but if you miss either of those scenes you’re kind of screwed if you want to know why things are happening.

It acknowledges the overall MCU but honestly, I think you could drop someone who hasn’t seen any Marvel movies into this and they’d do just fine.

Cinematography is different than the rest of the MCU. The palette is a bit all over the place depending on location but it works.

I can’t recall the score, tbh, but it didn’t drive the movie and it felt subdued.

I enjoyed the character interactions and dialogue. It’s not Tarantino levels good, but I gave a shit about all these characters to at least a minimal degree, which is difficult to do considering we didn’t have 20+ movies of backstory like in Endgame.

There are two end credits scenes as a heads up.

I feel like I’d rate this in the upper half of Marvel movies but it’s so different in tone it doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the universe.

It’s weird that people complain about superhero fatigue but the minute we get that, and a solid change at that, critics pan this.

It’s a good, different Marvel movie. It’s slow and purposeful, and hardcore Marvel fans who find this boring can stay mad. I liked this. It felt like a love letter to humanity and humanity’s potential. Almost Star Trek-esque in nature.

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