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  • Life Itself

    Life Itself


    I've found a new least favourite movie.

    No I won't elaborate on that.

  • Cujo



    This is the one book Stephen King says he can't remember writing, I think this is one movie I won't remember watching, so we're all even.

    So, um, this film opens with it's Point of Attack. Guess when it's inciting incident is? Taking into account this is a 90 minute movie.

    It's um...

    50 minutes in.


    In the great pantheon of 'people trapped in cars' movies, this ain't no Rabid Dogs, that movie was made by a filmmaker with panache and an innate understanding of vision & the medium of film and how it fits together.

    This was painfully pedestrian.

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  • Glass


    This movie be like: They're walking around
    Head full of sound
    Acting like
    We don't exist
    They walk in the room
    And stare right through you
    Talking like
    We don't exist
    But we exist
    Daddy it's true
    I'm different from you
    But tell me why they treat me like this?
    If you turned away
    What would I say?
    Not the first betrayed by a kiss
    Maybe it's true
    They're staring at you
    When you walk in the room
    Tell 'em…

  • Split



    *deep and beleaguered annoyed trauma victim type grumbles*