Midsommar ★★★

In the moment right, I loved this film. It was a real experience. Just, I'm only out of the cinema about 10 minutes and it's already kind of falling apart in my head. I do like it though, like, it's hard to not like it because the performances are so good, the score is stellar and really lends a woozy, almost elegiac air to the proceedings, and the imagery is really strong. Just, the end left me cold and the more I investigate why the more I don't like the film. The answer is that the characters, and the character arcs just are not there. There is a beginning of a character arc and an end to one, but just opening gaping space in the gaps in between. Again, if I was watching Cannibal Ferox I can forgive this because that film knows what it is but a film like this that wants so much to be taken seriously as a serious film that's doing serious art, you need to back that up, and the film doesn't. If the film had ended after the title card I would think it was a masterful, 10/10 short film, but part of why I don't love the film is because the drama set up there is just not followed up in any way that is substantial. It is referenced, and remembered, and talked of, but it feels very arbitrary and sprinkled on.

On a side note, a lot of people have said this is a very different film to Hereditary. I don't necessarily agree. It shares all the same themes, character archetypes, and structure. I'm glad to say it's nothing like Dogville, which Aster references, but it's not a whole lot better. I just really need Ari Aster to do something very different to his last two films now.

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