Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★★

Scream’s SIXTH installment proves itself to be even more promising than it’s requel predecessor. A gripping and emotional ride filled with some of the most gruesome sequences I’ve seen in a slasher film. Scream VI over delivers in story and has a heavy focus on family and overcoming trauma. The narrative weaves together in the classic Scream tradition, however the atmosphere in this film feels much grittier. Absolutely stunning performance from Jenna who’s title card in the credits received a standing ovation in my theater. I was at the edge of my seat for nearly every moment of this film as the tension had me in a chokehold. I genuinely loved every bit of this film—the jokes hit, the chase scenes were plentiful, I felt the sense of community from the core four, and while I did manage to guess the antagonist early on that didn’t take away from the intriguing third act. I thoroughly enjoyed Gale’s KICK ASS first Ghostface call as she showed us how to survive in true final girl fashion!!!!!! Sam has to be without a doubt my favorite character in this film. I fell in love with how she’s grown and is learning to love herself and trust again. Sam’s character development hits very close to home for me and watching her slip out of her shell as we saw with Sidney in her arc in 1-3 is a treat. Phenomenal movie and without a doubt one of my favorite films in this franchise. Even with this review I haven’t even shared a fraction of my thoughts about this film. Round two very soon. Very well done slasher sequel.

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