American Assassin

A young hot couple enjoys their vacation in Ibiza. Boyfriend proposes at the beach *surprise motherfucker* terrorist open fire for no apparent reason just because they are terrorists. Cue date to imply how long protagonist has trained and yearned for revenge against the terrorists. Turns out he turned into a massive dick and hates everyone and everything that doesn't go his way. CIA see him as a prime candidate to train into an assassin for America. Good choice, choose the white boy with anger issues and doesn't follow the rules or respect any command and somehow defeats Yuri Boyka in MMA which is ridiculous. American Assassin has a messy and confusing plot with decent fight scenes but nothing to really establish it from any other action films. Dylan O'Brien was a weird choice to lead a non-teen based action film. Saoirse Ronan was a more believable badass in Hanna than O'Brien and she was like 12.

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