Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★½

I don't think I've ever been scared of sperm since watching this movie.

Don't Breathe was a thrilling, tense, scary-ish film that keeps you on your toes. Each time you think the main characters were about to escape, you're instantly pull back into the craziness of a blind man's house of creaks. Fede Alvarez does a pretty good job in keeping the tension high whenever the 2 leads try to be quiet and all you hear is breathing. I loved that. It created such an intense scene.

Stephan Lang looked jacked and intense. But did anyone else think he sounded a bit like Tom Hardy's Bane? It kinda ruined his scary aura he had going on. Jane Levy is becoming a mighty fine final girl. The chick that makes it to the end while everyone dies a horrible death. I'm still looking forward to her and Ash teaming up for the Evil Dead sequel.

Don't Breathe didn't live up to the expectations for me but it was still an enjoyable watch. The scene of darkness in the basement was a definite highlight of extreme tension. I liked that it switched to found footage-like style. The scare on the characters faces looked genuine and was great.

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