Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★

Film #7 of the Scavenger Hunt 26
Task 26/30: You may not like your neighbor, but try and check out some of their film-labor. (Watch a film from the neighboring country that geographically is the closest to where you are now)
New Zealand

Hunt for the Wilderpeople, an extremely cute and adorable son and father figure adventure surviving in the woods of New Zealand, escaping from the NZ police force and an NZ looking Cruella de Vil hunting them down due to an unfortunate event leading to the adorable, Ricky Baker (played brilliantly by Julian Dennison) being put back into child welfare services. Together, Ricky and "Uncle" Hector (Sam Neill) live in the beautiful forest of NZ which is provided with some spectacular landscape shots.

Taika Waititi, making a storm of highly rated films and the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok that looks DOPE! Here he gives us a light-hearted adventure comedy that showcases the talents of NZ comedy, their actors and the beauty of the NZ wild. Taika Waititi, I believe you can finally give justice to Thor. One of the most powerful superheroes in The Avengers but is constantly overshadowed by Cap and Iron Man. #Justice4Thor

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