Scream ★★★★

It's day 2 of no Internet at my house and I'm resorting to something I haven't done in television. Luckily for me there was one good thing to watch and that's the cult horror classic, Scream. Still living up even after 20 years, Wes Craven, has crafted a satirical horror film that relies more on mystery and a touch of comedy to play against the tired slasher tropes plaguing the horror genre since the release of the og slasher from John Carpenter, Halloween (one I have yet to watch).

Scream is 90s fun and I love it. Courtney Cox and Rose McGowan pre-botox 😍, Jughead Jones's dad looking like Leo from R+J, David Arquette before he ruined WWE by winning the Heavyweight title, Shaggy playing evil Shaggy, and Drew Barrymore with a blonde Bob cut 😍.

The 90s was a simpler time to be a Ghostface serial killer terrorising sexy teenagers in a middle-class suburban neighbourhood. Ahhh the 90s.

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