Suspiria ★★★½

"They'll hollow me out and eat my cunt on a plate."

The sixth act. The sixth act "Suspiriorum" is when all hell breaks loose and everything is thrown into chaotic hell with a gorgeous slow-motion of a hypnotic dizzy dancing of disorientation and displacement. The sixth act is what makes you question the very nature of what you have watched, and placed me and two of my friends I dragged along to talk about it for an hour after the credits rolled and Thom Yorke's orgasmic score played until the end.

There were many things I questioned after the screening. Having not seen the original of this remake, I came into this knowing nothing. Thinking this was a serial killer mystery until that very first dance rehearsal scene. Then I realised this was something that will haunt me at night. An entanglement of horrific nature that will invade my nightmares.

On a technical level, I absolutely fell in love with the cinematography and jarring editing sequences throughout the film. The gorgeous blend of red that invades the screen, the graphic violence of death and possession, the step printing visual that is akin to Wong Kar-Wai's style of blending time and space in his work, and that exquisite soundtrack. On a technical level, I loved this film.

As a whole, there were some narrative choices that left me in boredom with its excessively long run-time. The constant reminder of the cold war era that is the backdrop of the snowy setting of Berlin, and everything about the therapist doctor.

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