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  • Volver



    "Is there anything you left undone in life that won't let you rest in peace?"
    "People always leave things undone, or done badly, and I'm no exception. But I don't know if they can be fixed. And if they can, it's up to me to fix them."

    Curated Cupcake Cinema #2

    (Warning: spoilers ahead.)

    The most wonderful thing that can happen in a Pedro Almodóvar film is to see women support women. Sometimes it really does take a village, as…

  • Bijou



    Bijou isn't really a film. It's an experience.

    Everything that director/writer/cinematographer Wakefield Poole presents onscreen in the course of 75 minutes is part of a complete thought, a fully realized idea. Certain works are especially revered by devotees of the Golden Age of Porn, and while some could arguably be better than others, Bijou remains one of the era's greatest achievements - at least in the gay adult canon - because Poole's creative sensibilities elevate this production to the realm…

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  • Ball of Fire

    Ball of Fire


    "Young man, what is the name of that young lady?"
    "Sugarpuss O'Shea."
    "An astounding specimen..."
    "She jives by night. Root, zoot and cute - and solid to boot!"

    (Previous review here.)

    Criterion Channel's library has just added the two best Barbara Stanwyck-starring rom-coms, this and The Lady Eve, and of course I couldn't be more overjoyed!

    Not only does this Billy Wilder/Charles Brackett-written, Howard Hawks-directed update on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs have one of the best supporting casts…

  • Killer Sally

    Killer Sally


    "I just feel badly that we, the media – me included – didn't delve more into: who was Sally McNeil? Who was she really, past the greased-up muscles and the steroids? And we didn't do that then. If I could meet her, I might apologize to her for that." (investigative journalist Diane Dimond)

    Continuing my deeper dive into what I've overlooked from 2022 with another true crime offering from Netflix, this time Nanette Burstein's three-part docuseries on the case of…

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  • The Wrong High School Sweetheart

    The Wrong High School Sweetheart


    "You need help!"
    "There's no help for me. This is the last dance."

    Noirvember #26

    Story time! I can't recall if I've ever discussed this particular anecdote on Letterboxd, but I think it goes a long way toward illuminating my appreciation for campy Lifetime potboilers:

    Much like the plot of your typical DeCoteau suspenser, I've had a past experience with a fellow who might be deemed a stalker. He seemed nice at first, as I'm sure they all do -…

  • Sliver



    "I'm shocked, I'm truly shocked. You people are shameless, you're all shameless!"

    Noirvember #27

    For those of us who have devoured trashy romance literature, there are some pretty well-worn tropes regarding the kinds of women on whom those narratives are centered. There is, for example, an infinite number of historical romances about the virginal lass swept off her feet by the dashing rogue (pirate, aristocrat, etc.) who teaches her everything she'd ever want to know; another option is the woman…