After Hours

After Hours ★★★½

In screenwriting class, they tell us to just keep beating the protagonist down because it can help the audience empathize with the character and reveal traits within the character.
The screenwriter took this notion and ran a whole marathon with it.

While we don’t necessarily like Paul (he’s not a great guy by any means), it’s hard not to be like “JUST LET HIM GET HOME” like everything bad that can possibly happen in a persons life happens to him on this one night. Also the movie kind of shows it’s age with women just being there to want to sleep with Griffin Dune for some weird reason.

It’s a one night long night Kafkaesque odyssey through SoHo in the 80s (not the upscale gentrified fashion hub it is now) much like GoodTime.

Whoever cam op’d this is out-fucking-standing. The camera moves so goddamn much. It dollies and zooms and focuses at such high speeds I had no idea how.

Solid Scorsese picture, I wouldn’t say his most underrated, but it’s still a wild ride.