Captain Marvel ★★★½

I'm the Captain Now.
Throwing back to the 90's Captain Marvel is a cheesy and entertaining galactic adventure that acts as a solid origin story for the next phase of Marvel Studios master plan.
The highlight of the film for me was definitely Brie Larson. She brings such a fresh energy to the role and I can't wait to see more from her in future films. I loved the chemistry between Larson & L. Jackson, Hollywood - Make a buddy cop film happen stat.
The VFX were good for the most part, a bit ropey in some of the space sequences but Marvel seems to have perfected the de-aging effects.
The plot was frustratingly predictable and I feel they gave too much away in the marketing, but it was an enjoyable stepping stone to future events.
Fantastic soundtrack, a heartwarming Marvel logo sequence and all I'm saying is Thanos better watch out...

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