Chaos Walking

Chaos Walking ★★½

It’s So Loud Here.
What a missed opportunity.
I have loved following the behind-the-scenes drama behind Chaos Walking. It's astounding that a film with this much talent in front and behind the camera can end up so messy.
The noise shows the unfiltered thoughts of men for all to hear which is a really interesting concept but it's immediately obvious the challenges that this brings adapting page to screen. Where it can cause an internal challenge for the characters, when presented visually it can quickly become irritating and frustratingly doesn't impact the overall story outside of the pre-established conflict.
Holland, Ridley and most of the cast do a good job with what they had, but with an intense amount of exposition Chaos Walking quickly becomes an unnecessarily complicated Sci-Fi drama that focuses too much on setting up its world than creating appealing characters.

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