El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ★★★★

Yeah Bitch.
El Camino is like Toy Story 4. Hear me out...
We never really needed either of these films. We were satisfied with how they had previously wrapped up, and as much as we missed the characters, it wasn't essential for us to return to them. But I am so glad we did.
A fantastic epilogue to one of the greatest shows of all time we pick up where the show's dramatic finale left off and we return to close Jesse Pinkman's story
Filling in the gaps and tying up loose ends, it’s a welcome return to the bleak world of Breaking Bad. We now have a definitive answer to how the story truly wraps up and though it's filled with nostalgia, familiar faces, and fan service, I left fulfilled and it managed to not tarnish the shows perfect end.
With gorgeous direction, cinematography and shot design, there is so much attention to detail and careful planning that we have come to expect from Vince Gilligan making for some outstanding shots - the overhead shot of the apartment comes to mind immediately.
Dropping it on Netflix makes sense considering its contribution to the shows 'binge' success, I do wish I could have seen it on the big screen especially given the cinematic upgrade the visuals got from the show.
A worthy close to a legendary story.

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