Emma. ★★★

Practically Pompous in Every Way.
Prim and proper, Emma. is full of life and personality though I found it tough to follow characters' intentions from scene to scene making for a very taxing watch.
Every set and costume is so full of colour, Autumn de Wilde puts her photography and portraiture experience on full view making every scene so meticulous and exact.
Anya Taylor-Joy continues to astound leading the large British cast with her gradually curlier and curlier hair. It is a shame that they wasted the brilliant Bill Nighy but I am happy that the rest of the cast get time to shine.
It's easy to get lost in Jane Austen's whimsical world of bright costumes, larger than life characters and the odd romance of romance, though I need to sharpen up on my period dramas as much of the overaccentuated English was lost on me.

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