Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

What Are You Doing?
A desaturated look into the trial and tribulations of a struggling folk singer, Inside Llewyn Davis has a very simple premise but there is so much more going on under the surface.
Set over a week in 1960's New York, The Coen Brothers have created a laid back but deeply personal story following Oscar Issac's Llewyn Davis. Issac disappears into the role, bringing a sombre and darkly humorous tone to the film. Even though he actively retaliates to the situation that he's in, you can't help but emphasise with him; his drive to get to his end goal no matter what obstacles are thrown in his way is genuinely inspiring to watch.
With an equally fantastic supporting cast, like John Goodman's hilarious jazz musician Roland Turne and some especially catchy songs (OUTER… SPACE), it overwhelms you with harsh realism but the determination to see Davis succeed keeps the film grounded in hope and a sweetly dramatic tone. Ulysses the cat shows that no matter how strenuous the journey, eventually, you will find your way home.

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