Suspiria ★★★★

Satanically Come Dancing.
2018 has been the year of crazy, audience dividing films.
Hereditary, Mandy, Sorry to Bother You, but Suspiria says hold my beer and throws everything and more at you.
The complete opposite of the warm and comforting feel of Luca Guadagnino's past films, this is filled with some moments of genuinely terrifying and unsettling imagery.
Fantastic performances from a (mostly) complete female cast with Tilda Swinton showing that if a job is worth doing, do it yourself.
All 152 minutes meld into a nightmarish blur making for a truly unique horror experience. This was made even more immersive seeing it on the big screen with a full and unsuspecting audience.
I am a massive fan of more wildly experimental films getting bigger budgets and teams behind them but they are getting increasingly harder to recommend to friends and family.
Dance-themed demonic sacrifice anyone?

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