Tenet ★★★★½

Welcome to the Afterlife.
It's rare to be this excited about a film you know nothing about. Shrouded in mystery, TENET is not only Nolan's return to the big screen but for much of the world, it's the first major release in months which only increased the anticipation.
For many reasons, TENET is a film that demands multiple viewings; from its reality-bending plot, jaw-dropping practical sequences, and the sheer complexity of the premise that leaves elements that will only make sense the second time around.
TENET's main weakness is the sheer amount of overwhelming exposition it throws at you to explain the ever-shifting and inverting plot. But once you are up to speed, you are treated to a spy film wrapped in exhilarating science fiction, with moments that even now I cannot get my head around how they filmed.
Washington carries the film as the charismatic protagonist in an array of striking suits, with a fantastic supporting cast led by Pattinson.
With Ludwig Göransson's pulsing and thumping score and a gorgeous 15/70mm IMAX print, TENET is the blockbuster that 2020 has desperately needed.

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