Upgrade ★★★★

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Upgrade is absolute insanity.
It has that low-budget, high concept feel but like John Wick its stand out factor is the surprisingly impressive fight choreography and camera work.
The moment STEM enters the film it goes from a slow paced Black Mirror-esque to an energetic revenge thriller. It’s an interesting concept and the filmmakers embrace the B-Movie vibe and go absolutely balls to the walls crazy with some of the fight sequences.
On rewatch, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I remembered. It was a much tougher without the shock factor of the first watch. The story is probably the biggest hindrance. I think because the action is so high energy that when the film does slow down for character and dialogue filled moments, you really feel it.
That being said I cannot fault it on a technical level. It has some astounding moments made even more impressive by the $3million budget.

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